About the Hungry Monster

The Hungry Monster Book Review is a book review website that consists of reviews from the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre, but other genres accidentally get gobbled up when the Monster gets worked into a feeding frenzy. The Monster gets distracted easily so the website is designed to be simple and easy to read to keep focus on book reviews and author interviews. All reviews are the reviewer’s honest opinion.

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5star The Hungry Monster gobbled this work up in record time and was asking for seconds. Highly recommended.

4star The Hungry Monster devoured this so fast he choked on a bone. Great book, but it had a few bones in it.

3star A tasty snack that left the Monsters tummy all rumbly.

2star Smelled good, but had a hard time keeping it down.

1star Food poisoning!




  1. Thank you for liking my post about my sabbatical year coming to an end! I love your rating system… It’s cute and catchy!

    Would a self help book and workshop be too far off topic of sci-fi…?? Hehehe, depending on your view of it, it might be a different horror genre!! I have gotten a couple good reviews but I’m seeking brave souls who will try out both together and give testimonials/reviews re how they fared!!


  2. Hi! i was wondering how to submit my book for review (the free version). i was in the middle of doing it and then got side tracked and now i can’t find it anymore. thanks!

  3. Love the concept of a monster devouring books. It’s the healthiest diet, isn’t it? Keep it up!

  4. Thanks so much for following my blog, Last Darkness, Last Earth! I look forward to any feedback you have. And love your idea of promoting fiction authors!

  5. Thanks for following my blog – much appreciated! (The Haunted Historian)

  6. Since I’m a foodie (food is always featured in my novels, can’t help myself), I love your rating system.

  7. I read your profile about Burgess Meredith and the Twilight Zone. Just don’t break your glasses.

  8. Hey, Hungry Monster! Thanks for the follow! Can’t wait to dig into your reviews.

  9. Thanks for the follow! Love your rating system!

  10. Many thanks for the follow. Like many others here I love your rating system!

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